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Fabien Letouzy (Xann/Melting-Pot)
Keyano (Othello) Home Page
Hot Othello/Reversi game for Palm Pilot
FFO downloading page
Dmitriy Iassenev Home Page
Happy End 1.0 - Othello game
JReversi Info Page
Edge Reversi
Othello F/X
ywang OPEKI
Daisy Reversi
Deep Green Reversi
Othello and Reversi programs
Forest 3.7 - Olivier Casile
Fabien Letouzey (Xann/Melting Pot)
Total Othello hemsida
Pressibus - Othello
Pressibus - Ataxx!!
Xah: Great Math Programs
Saxon Hooper's Othello Page
Super Othello
Reversi: The Eclipse
Free Internet Playable Board Games
Darwersi (a Darwinian Reversi)
Brutus home page
Shareware On-line #2
Mine's page: Welcome!
Lightning Othello
Neat Java Stuff
the strong learning othello programs
Networkable Mac Games - The NetGames List
Othello program by Lyle Conn and Don Cross
John's Page
Othello from CD-ROM Access
Gunnar Andersson, Othello
Directory of /pub/igord/othello
3D Othello
Reversi / Othello Software at Board Game Central


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