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World Othello Championships
Online Reversi / Othello Games at Board Game Central
UnOfficial Online Othello Tournament
Reversi @ www.ezboard.com
Spelmagazijn - Interview - Jan de Graaf
The World of Othello/Reversi
Tsukuda Original Home Page
Board Games, Card Games & Puzzles - MSO Worldwide
Magellan games: Board
Japan Reversi Federation Official Site
Thailand Othello Club!
Anjar Co. - Othello
BLUEZ Othello links
Genetic Othello
Othello Players' OTB Atlas
Case's Internet Gaming ladder
Mind Sports Olympiad Web Site
Yahoo! - Recreation:Games:Board Games:Reversi
Othello on the Internet
Othello Home Page
Othello Pagina
TWWWEP - The World Wide Web Entertainment Package
Othello League
The CD-ROM Shop
Othello ladder: Welcome!
The IIOA's Guide To The Game of Othello
Reversi (GSPORD) Index
The Official Site of the NOP
Welcome to the DAWG House
The Reversi Freaks! Home page
FFO Downloading
FTP directory /othello
MindSports Home
World game Review
Annotated bibliography of Othello programming


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